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alisn_alligator's Journal

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accents, airport in paris, alyson stoner, art, artsy people, auntie annie's pretzels, banana boats, beach, being crazy, belly dancing, bmx riding, board games, boston, boys, broadway, broken escalators in rome, cabaret, candles, candy, candy co, cape cod, cappuccinos, car shows, carnivals, cars, chinese symbols, city life, clothes, coke, color, cooking, corsets, culture, curly hair, day dreaming, dd:hn, demolition derbies, diego luna, dior, dirt bikes, dogs, dolphins, dragonflies, driving around randomly, eyeliner, eyeliner tattoos, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fear factor, fireflies, fireworks, fishnets, foreign culture, foreign langages, fruit2o, getting dressed up, ghost stories, giber, go karts, guitarists, guys' eyelashes, handbags, heath ledger, hot topic, italy, jeans, jet lag, jewelry, josh groban, lacrosse, laughing, light sticks, lithuanian, loud music, louise rennison books, made, make-up, marilyn monroe, memories, men's life lmao, monster trucks, moulin rouge, music, my friends, my room, nailpolish, nose rings, pac sun, paris, patches, petticoats, photography, pianists, piercings, poetry, provincetown, rain, randomness, real life, road rules, road trips, roller coasters, russian, scrubs, seals, shopping, slumber parties, smoothies, snapple, snapple facts, sneakers, spain, spanish, spanish anything, spanish culture, sparklers, spontaneity, starbucks, stilettos, sugar, sumo flash light tag, swimming, t strap shoes, tacos, temp tattoos, the 20's, the aquarium, the early 1900s, the fourth of july, the little mermaid, the mall, the oc, the others, the real world, the rockettes, the victorian period, theatre, tiger lilies, tongue rings, traveling, uno attack, up words, vacation, vacationing, water parks, whose line, will and grace, xoxo